Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Four More Days!

We're down to 4 days left in our school year and it hardly seems possible!  We've been working on finishing out our last set of centers in between a field trip and {indoor} field day.  It's been raining ALL DAY!  What a bummer for the kindergarteners on their first field day!

Here are pics from 4 of the 8 centers we're finishing.  The kids are loving them!

They have to sort the cards to form a sentence and then write it next to the corresponding bug on their sheet.  We are working hard on neatness, spaces, capitalization, and punctuation.  They have to read the sentences to me when they are finished.

This one is a Write the Room center where they find the bug cards around the room. (One is hanging in the background on the front of my big book cart).  They slowly say the name of the CVC picture on the card, decide if the middle sound is /e/, /i/, or /u/ and then write the word in the correct vowel column.

Choose a card with an addition problem on it, use the cubes to help solve the problem and then write the number sentence on their paper.  I love that the numbers on the cards are in two different colors {red and blue}.

Unscramble the word wall word from the card, stamp it and then write it in the boxes.  They read the words to me when finished.
Our centers this week are from these 2 units from 2 awesome bloggers ~

Farming for Math and Literacy      Going Buggy! Insect Themed Activities for Math and Literacy

Click on the pics to get your own copies at their TPT stores.

Next week we will be camping out in our room.  I'll bring in my kid-sized tent and we will do all camping themed activities to finish out our year!  I'll be sure to share some pics of all the fun!