Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back To School Sale!

Hello Everyone!  I’m back after deciding to take the summer off from blogging (following AND writing).  There were 2 reasons for my hiatus:  (1) My boys are very active in sports making our summer overwhelmingly busy with baseball and (2) I was just feeling like I needed a break from school. 
Last school year was my 17th year of teaching but felt like my first all over again thanks to common core, new electronic grading, and our district cutting Young 5s giving us MANY children not yet ready to be in school.  It was tough!!  I’ve slowly been easing my way back into “school mode” and can say that I am feeling excited to get back in the routine!
I won’t be getting into my classroom until late next week and hope to share photos soon.  In the meantime, don’t miss out on the Annual Back to School Sale at TPT going on August 18-19!  My wishlist is huge! 
My store will be included in the sale and I just posted new number signs for the numbers 11-20.  These go along with my number posters 0-10.  Both sets are available in a bundle at a discounted price!

number posters blog pic
I hope you find many great sale items to help you in your classroom this year!

Take care,