Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Must-Haves & More Freebies

It’s teacher week at Blog Hoppin’ and I’m linking up for Must-haves Monday.
teacher week[1]

Here are my “must-haves”:

1.  COFFEE!!  I have to have my morning coffee with my favorite creamer!  I make my own every morning since I live only 30 seconds from my school and pass no coffee shops on the way!

2.  My laptop computer – When I started teaching, we didn’t even have computers in our classrooms and maybe one or two school-wide!  I’m so grateful for how much easier it  is to prepare lessons using technology!
Gateway NV75S25U Notebook PC Quad Core A6-3420M 4GB...

3.  My Kindergarten "Peeps" who are also 2 of my best friends!!  I couldn’t imagine having to teach without them on my team!  (I don’t have a pic of all of us & I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want me posting it anyway! Winking smile)

4.  Mechanical pencils – My favorite kind of pencils especially when I’m in a meeting or testing and can’t get up to sharpen dull/broken leads.

5.  My Droid RAZR – I just got it in May and it’s my first smartphone.  I LOVE it!  It’s great having my Google calendar, email, and blogs all at my fingertips!!
What are your “Must-haves”?  Link up at Blog Hoppin’ and share!

And now for the freebies!!

These are two forms that I give to the parents at Open House and ask them to return on the first day of school.
This is a student information sheet that I keep in a binder all year and refer to it often.  I copy it on colored paper to help me keep track of it with all the beginning of year paper work being turned it at one time.

This one is a transportation form that the parents fill out to let me know how their child gets home daily.  I keep this on file all year and the parents know that any changes to what is on this form need to be done in person or in writing.  We only have 2 options for our students (pick-up & bus).  If you would like another option added, email me & I would be happy to make changes for you!
I copy this onto yellow paper and there are 3 on a page to save copies!
I hope you find these useful!


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